Global Technology Group

solenis-technology-group.jpgEverything we do at Solenis has a singular focus — making water work more effectively in complex manufacturing and industrial environments. Doing this requires resources — facilities and personnel — dedicated to the pursuit of high-quality pure and applied science. Structurally, these resources reside within our Global Technology group, a cadre of more than 200 seasoned professionals organized strategically to serve our customers.

The mission of our Global Technology group is clear: to address the most pressing concerns of our customers today, and to lead the way into the future by developing new and improved chemistries. The group executes on this mission through Research and Development (R&D) and Customer Applications Laboratories.

Our R&D organization actively pursues both near- and long-term technologies with the potential to address operational needs of our customers not currently being met. Annually, we invest nearly $25 million (USD) in our R&D activities, which involve customers at all stages of development and are driven by clear business objectives. This disciplined approach has enabled us to introduce a continuous stream of innovative chemical and equipment solutions and, in turn, help our customers remain operationally efficient.


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The Customer Applications Laboratories work in tandem with the R&D organization. These facilities are located regionally — in Wilmington, Delaware; Barendrecht, the Netherlands; Krefeld, Germany; Shanghai, China; and Leme, Brazil — and are staffed by some of the brightest and most knowledgeable problem-solvers in the industry. At their disposal is a vast selection of comprehensive paper-testing and water-analysis equipment, and innovative process testing instrumentation. These resources enable our scientists to analyze and identify customer problems rapidly, compare the impact of system additives in various industrial systems, and select the best chemistry or program to address a customer’s process needs.


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Our Global Technology group draws upon a legacy of demonstrated success, bringing to bear a long tradition of innovation. Our research is driven by genuine business needs and priorities. As those needs come to our attention, we adjust our research efforts accordingly, always balancing short- and long-range projects to give us the agility we need to rapidly develop meaningful solutions. We also embrace “open innovation” principles and actively seek out external licensing opportunities that can bring value to our business and to our customers.


As a result, we maintain a robust pipeline that continuously delivers new solutions to the market. To date, Solenis has been granted more than 2,000 patents, including patents for chemical and equipment technologies that have transformed key processes in a variety of industries.


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