Risk Management Plan

Solenis operates facilities in the United States that are subject to the U.S. EPA’s Risk Management Plan (RMP) regulations. Under 40 CFR 68.210, Solenis is required to make the following information available to the public to comply with the Chemical Hazard Information section of the regulations:

  • Name of RMP regulated substance(s)
  • Safety data sheet (SDS) for regulated substance(s)
  • 5-year RMP accident history
  • Emergency response plan summary information
    • Whether the stationary source is a responding stationary source or a non-responding stationary source
    • Name and phone number of local emergency response organizations with which the owner or operator last coordinated emergency response efforts, pursuant to 40 CFR 68.180
    • For stationary sources subject to 40 CFR 68.95, procedures for informing the public and local emergency response agencies about accidental releases
  • List of scheduled exercises
  • Local emergency planning commission contact information
  • How to access information on community preparedness

To request any of the information listed above, please complete and submit the form below. Per the requirements of the 40 CFR 68.210, we will respond within 45 days.