sustainability.jpgSince our founding more than 100 years ago, Solenis has been deeply involved in water treatment and water-intensive industries. With a core focus on People, Performance and Results, sustainability is crucial to the success of our operations, and that, in turn, enables us to help customers prosper while meeting and exceeding their own sustainability goals.

As you read our sustainability overview, you will begin to understand how the innovative people at Solenis work to reduce water and energy consumption, and optimize the use of raw materials. We do this with an unwavering commitment to safety and to the communities where we live and work.

Open any of the accordions below for a brief summary of the key topics covered in our sustainability overview or download the entire document to read the full story.

Although our name is relatively new, our roots are as pioneers in paper production and water treatment. Today, our expertise and technologies are implemented around the world to make water work more effectively, while minimizing environmental impact and keeping in compliance with local laws and regulations. Find out how.

We seek to enhance the communities where our employees live and work by encouraging individual volunteerism and by providing corporate support to educational, civic and charitable organizations. However we also reach out to those in need elsewhere in the world where we can make a lasting contribution to their betterment. See what we are doing.

Building a diverse and inclusive workforce is essential to the success of our business and the growth of each employee in every region where we operate. We hire with equity, work to develop leadership qualities in all and recognize and reward outstanding performance at multiple levels. Review our efforts.

Without exception, we conduct business throughout the world in accordance with the highest legal and ethical standards and practices. Employees are encouraged to share their concerns without fear of retaliation. We are growing our business on the merits of our products and services, and the expertise of our team. Learn how we work.

We minimize risk through vigilance, education, continuous improvement and a proactive approach to attaining excellence in protecting our employees, suppliers, customers, neighbors and other third parties. We believe it is attainable to have no spills, no incidents and an optimal impact on the environment. How we accomplish this.

Sustainable purchasing and manufacturing practices provide the best value for the company and our customers. In this way we also reduce energy use, divert or eliminate waste, provide a more amenable workplace and become a better neighbor. Read about it.

A network of global laboratories develops new chemistries and technical solutions to improve our customers’ products and processes. This in turn contributes to optimizing the use of raw materials, consumption of water and energy, and generation of waste. Look inside the labs.

We have a long record of solving challenges and helping customers in their quest for sustainable operations and products. From a paper technology patented in 1957 (and still going strong) to today’s solar-powered, mobile water treatment system, we are making a difference. Learn more.

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