Customer Successes

At Solenis, we're relentlessly focused on your success.

Solenis has decades of experience helping customers achieve real results in some of the most demanding industrial and manufacturing environments in the world. We help customers optimize every aspect of their processes, achieving results from reduced costs to improved environmental responsibility.

Discover what we can do. See Solenis results achieved for our customers. 

Improved Data Visibility

We helped an oil refinery improve its data visibility, which led to improved efficiency and extended equipment life. See more chemical treatment results.

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Reduced Costs

By using our filler-fiber optimization program, a paper producer cut its annual costs by more than $1 million.

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Improved Profitability

A mining operation used our antiscalants to reduce downtime for cleaning, boosting annual profitability by $2 million.

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Increased Productivity

Our creping adhesives helped a mill increase its machine speed by 7 percent, boosting productivity and revenue.

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Improved Environmental Performance

We enabled a paper mill to increase its annual revenue by $1.3 million by reducing its COD load.

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Improved Asset Protection

A chemical processing plant used our XD3899 microbiocide to control corrosion rates and extend equipment life.

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