Improved Environmental Performance

ImprovedEnviPerformance.jpgIn light of growing concerns about climate change, pollution and natural resource depletion, green business practices have become a strategic necessity that demands a rigorous, disciplined approach. Mines, paper mills, refineries and other industrial operations must find innovative ways to improve their environmental performance as measured by a number of indicators, such as water consumption, energy use, and airborne and water emissions. At Solenis, we help our customers develop sustainable business practices every day — read about one example in the paper industry.

Case History

When a European packaging paper producer tried to increase its production, its effluent treatment plant proved too small to cope with the increased chemical oxygen demand (COD) load. Faced with either uprating the effluent plant at a significant capital expense or limiting production in order to stay below the discharge consent limits, mill management contacted Solenis for help. After conducting a thorough system audit, the Solenis team proposed that the mill trial an innovative chemical program that fixes starch fragments and other organic fines to the paper fibers, which in turn removes those elements from the effluent. The mill agreed to evaluate the program and shortly after the trial startup the COD load was reduced by more than 11 percent and the mill’s paper machines were ramped up to full capacity, thereby maximizing paper production. Due to the success of the trial, the mill permanently adopted the Solenis program, which is marketed as “Biobond. Improving the Sustainability of Paper℠ program. To date, the Biobond program has enabled the mill to increase its annual revenue by approximately $1.3 million.


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