Novel Microbiocide Improves Cooling System Cleanliness While Reducing Corrosion

A fuel ethanol plant located in the Midwestern United States was experiencing algae-related problems and mild steel corrosion issues in its 125,000-gallon cooling system. In an effort to improve algae control and reduce corrosion rates, the plant management agreed to evaluate Solenis’ Biosperse™ XD3899 microbiocide against its existing treatment program, which relied on hypobromous acid and isothiazoline. Shortly after the trial startup, the following benefits were recorded:

  • Microbial counts were reduced by more than 99.9%
  • Algae was eliminated
  • Mild steel corrosion rates were reduced by 50%

Since permanently converting to the Biosperse XD3899 microbiocide, the plant has reduced its annual cost for microbiological control by 25% and eliminated the safety risks associated with its prior program.