Chemical Processing

chemicalprocess-tile.jpgWith many regions of the world facing water shortages, the global chemical processing industry requires innovative solutions that go beyond water treatment chemistries alone.

Solenis can provide the chemistry, people and equipment required to ensure chemical processors’ long-term success. We offer a robust portfolio of specialty chemicals, as well as unparalleled applications expertise and state-of-the-art monitoring and control systems to help you improve your operational efficiencies, protect plant assets and minimize your environmental impact.

We offer an extensive array of technologies to help you address your process and water treatment needs. Our product portfolio includes innovative chemistries for controlling corrosion and scale as well as specialized chemical treatments for boiler, cooling and wastewater systems.

With an active R&D program, we regularly update our offerings for the chemical industry. One recent breakthrough is a low-phosphorous cooling water treatment that effectively controls corrosion and scale in alkaline systems. Another recent innovation is a microbiocide that effectively controls microbiological activity in recirculating cooling water systems without the adverse side effects associated with strong oxidizing biocides.


Product Portfolio

  • Membrane treatments
  • Monitoring and control systems
  • Odor neutralizer
  • Oxygen scavengers

With help from Solenis solutions, our chemical processing customers achieve benefits like lower corrosion rates and reduced costs. Read about some of our customers’ successes below: