Food & Beverage Paper Packaging


The food and beverage paper packaging market is valued at over $300 billion and is growing at over five percent per year. Concerns over sustainability and the growing interest in recyclability and compostability are driving innovation, from design to material selection. The entire value chain — from consumers and brand owners to regulatory groups and other key stakeholders — is involved in seeking new food packaging coating solutions as governments around the world move to reduce or ban the use of single-use plastics. The rise of e-commerce and home food delivery, as well as a general consumer focus on health and food safety, are additional factors defining the future of barrier coatings for food packaging.

These trends offer a tremendous opportunity for the pulp and paper industry, as paper-based packaging is perceived to be more environmentally friendly than plastics. However, for paper to replace plastics in many packaging applications, papermakers must continue to deliver the required functionality and cost while introducing newer, better, more sustainable food packaging coating solutions.

Solenis is the partner of choice for leading food and beverage paper packaging producers. In addition to offering the broadest range of papermaking additives in the industry, we offer an innovative portfolio of environmentally friendly barrier coatings for food packaging applications. These food grade barrier coatings not only enable papermakers to develop paper-based alternatives to plastic packaging but also, in many cases, to meet their sustainability goals.

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Solenis offers a complete portfolio of functional additives and barrier chemistries to help food and beverage paper packaging producers improve their market position and meet their sustainability goals.


Solenis’ research and development team is committed to delivering innovative paper-based packaging designs that meet both the functional requirements and sustainability goals of all stakeholders. Examples of recent innovations include:


Solenis has partnered with customers and key stakeholders to drive innovation in the food and beverage paper packaging market. Read our case histories to learn how.


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