Geothermal Power

geothermal-power.jpgGeothermal power plants provide clean, renewable and affordable energy by using steam and hot water produced inside the earth to generate electricity. But operating such a plant offers a number of chemistry challenges that traditional power generators don’t face. Because geothermal generators can be located in wildly diverse locations and are exposed to wide variations in brine and steam chemistries, even from well to well, they require custom solutions from highly qualified chemical suppliers.

At Solenis, we understand the challenges of geothermal power generation. Whether your operation is dry steam, two-phase, binary, hot rock or an enhanced geothermal system, Solenis takes a holistic approach to determining and implementing the right solutions. We offer a number of advanced modeling and analytic capabilities that help us understand the unique parameters of your operating environment, as well as an advanced portfolio of chemistries and equipment that deliver results in even the most demanding conditions.

Whether you operate a dry- or flash-steam facility or a binary power plant, you have unique needs as a geothermal power producer that off-the-shelf solutions simply can’t address. At Solenis, our chemistry technologies are researched and designed specifically for geothermal applications and include a suite of unique geothermal chemistry modeling and process control offerings. Using these tools, we can develop tailored solutions that enable geothermal power generators to improve megawatt efficiency, reduce operational costs and extend equipment life.


Product Portfolio

Solenis is committed to helping geothermal power producers improve their operational efficiencies, comply with regulatory requirements and protect their equipment assets. The following story highlight the results achieved by an actual Solenis customer: