PerForm™ Program Enables Uncoated Freesheet Producer to Increase Productivity and Lower Costs

A North American producer of uncoated freehseet was facing increased break frequency and chemical costs as they increased filler content in their paper. Following a paper machine audit, the Solenis team recommended the use of PerForm™ SP7200 advanced retention and drainage aid in combination with PerForm™ VMax 1000 mixing and injection system to deliver the polymers more efficiently. The initial trial was seamless, with no loss in production on this world-class paper machine. During the trial, the papermaker recorded the following results:

  • Reduced chemical costs with a higher ash retention
  • Increased machine productivity
  • Increased process stability
  • Improved sheet formation

Since permanently converting to the PerForm SP/VMax combination, the mill has reduced its annual costs by more than $760,000.