MicroSol℠ Advanced Retention and Drainage Solutions

Solenis introduced MicroSol℠ advanced retention and drainage solutions to help producers of graphic and specialty papers optimize retention, drainage and formation — without compromising performance on any one variable. MicroSol features a revolutionary combination of technologies that dramatically widens the papermaking operating window, leading to the following benefits:

  • Increased colloidal retention
    • Best ash retention technology on the market
    • Improved retention of soluble organics
    • Reduced filler cost, reduced wet end chemical costs, reduced defects through cleaner wet end, higher sheet ash
  • Improved drainage, both gravimetric and vacuum assisted 
    • Increased speed, reduced energy usage, improved sheet formation
  • Improved dewatering
    • Increased pressing and drying efficiency
  • Ability to optimize starch use
    • Possible to minimize interference with OBA and other dyes

How It Works

MicroSol advanced retention and drainage solutions bring together two revolutionary technologies: PerForm™ SP, a patented structured polymer, and PerForm™ MP, a unique structured colloidal silica. They can be used by themselves, but when added together, PerForm SP and PerForm MP have a synergistic effect that delivers even greater performance.

PerForm SP molecules are highly anionic, three-dimensional structures that interact readily with cationic sites on fibers, fines and fillers in the forming paper. This structure allows the molecules to grab hold of ash and distribute it evenly to increase strength, retention and formation. Early generations of PerForm SP set the bar for both first pass and first-pass ash retention. Now, with the introduction of PerForm SP7242, Solenis has raised the bar even higher, and SP continues to be the best ash retainer on the market. Period.

PerForm MP9031, like its SP partner, offers a unique microstructure. The PerForm MP colloidal silica was developed with attention to its size, surface area, structure, surface modification, and solids content to ensure optimal performance in today’s paper machine processes. PerForm MP adds to the retention initiated by the SP molecules yet promotes excellent drainage. Taken together, PerForm SP and PerForm MP offer a unique one-two punch that, finally, gives papermakers the ability to maximize retention and drainage without sacrificing formation.

Application Technology

For optimum results, mills that adopt a MicroSol RDF program should also consider installing PerForm VMax injection nozzles, which were developed to improve polymer and water efficiencies for paper manufacturing operations that are unable to use freshwater for high-volume, high-velocity mixing. Designed by Solenis engineers and incorporating a deep understanding of paper machine system dynamics and water and polymer chemistries, VMax maximizes injection velocity to ensure proper distribution of the chemistry. There are two VMax nozzles available — the VMax 1000 (higher volume) is designed for PerForm SP and other polymeric products, and the VMax S (low volume, freshwater only) is designed for the MP9031 silica.

More Information

If you have a question about MicroSol advanced retention and drainage solutions or would like free technical advice, talk to a Solenis expert today.