DeTac™ Pitch and Stickies Control Agents

DeTac pitch and stickies control agents are patented contaminant-control products for stock treatment. The family of products is designed for use in packaging, graphic and specialty, and tissue and towel grades. 

DeTac pitch and stickies control agents are proven to be more effective than other commercially available technologies. They combine the benefits of detackifiers, stabilizers and fixatives to address multiple deposition parameters. This greatly reduces or eliminates the potential for deposition. 

Mills using these deposit control agents experience benefits including:

  • Enhanced machine efficiency
  • Better sheet quality
  • Decreased use of cleaning chemicals
  • Less downtime
  • Improved converting performance

DeTac pitch and stickies control agents are widely used by producers of graphic and specialty papers and packaging paper and board.

Mode of Action

DeTac pitch and stickies control agents are formulated from polymer and protein chemistries that use a unique hydrophobic and hydrophilic design to detackify colloidal material. The chemistries adsorb onto the material, enhancing stability and modifying the contaminant surface to reduce adhesion. The key to good deposit control is the fixative effect achieved through hydrogen bonding, which retains contaminants in the web.

More Information

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