Generox™ Chlorine Dioxide Generation Systems

Chlorine dioxide has been used for many years as an oxidizing biocide and disinfectant and has proven to effectively control a broad spectrum of aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms, including those that produce endospores and biofilm and the bacteria that cause Legionnaires' disease and listeriosis. 

With applications in chemical processing and oil and gas, it’s commonly used in cooling towers, once-through systems, potable water, process water and wastewater.

Solenis offers two patented systems that allow you to produce chlorine dioxide on-site:

  • Generox CSR (concentrated submersible reactor) system
  • Generox CTR (concentrated tube reactor) system

These chlorine dioxide generators provide a safer and more efficient way to produce chlorine dioxide on-site. Commercial applications confirm that the systems provide a number of benefits, including:

  • Improved microbiological control
  • Improved water quality
  • Reduced environmental footprint
  • Improved workplace safety
  • Reduced chemical costs

Generox System Capabilities

Due to its fast action and selective oxidizing properties, chlorine dioxide is able to significantly reduce microbial activity quickly and effectively at a lower feed rate than traditional oxidizing biocides. As microbiological control is achieved using less chlorine dioxide, corrosion rates are reduced.

Solenis has decades of experience using chlorine dioxide in both process and water applications, including cooling towers, once-through systems, potable water, process water and wastewater. Two patented systems for producing chlorine dioxide at the customer’s site are offered: the Generox CSR (concentrated submersible reactor) system and the Generox CTR (concentrated tube reactor) system. Both systems allow customers to produce up to 100 kg of chlorine dioxide per hour at different concentrations and using a variety of acids. Because both systems are submersible and produce chlorine dioxide under water, the risk of gas leaks and explosions are virtually eliminated.

The unique design of the reactor used in both Generox systems provides significant performance advantages over competitive technologies. In fact, the reactor design allows for consistent precursor conversion of more than 99 percent, which can lead to reduced chemical consumption and improved cost efficiencies.

More Information

View the Generox CSR system brochure (PDF 312 KB) to learn more about the system’s benefits.

To find out more about our chlorine dioxide generators or to receive free technical advice on ways to improve your operations, ask a Solenis expert today.