OnGuard™ 3S Analyzer

Impurities in industrial water and process streams can cause scale to form on equipment surfaces and in associated piping. By addressing scale proactively, you can prevent it from affecting system performance and reducing equipment life.

Our revolutionary OnGuard 3S analyzer provides accurate scale measurement in real time and provides advanced warning of potential upset conditions like fouling factor changes. The analyzer uses patented ultrasound technology to detect scale deposition at levels as low as 1 micron, providing unparalleled sensitivity as compared to other scale measurement techniques.

The OnGuard 3S analyzer is proven to provide the following benefits:

  • Improved system performance
  • Improved asset protection
  • Optimized chemical usage
  • Reduced costs
  • Reduced operator intervention

First of Its Kind

Until now, direct in-line performance measurement in self-scaling systems had not been feasible. With the introduction of the OnGuard 3S analyzer, you can measure direct performance of scale in scrubbers, process water, recycle water, mining systems, evaporators, liquor lines and many other water and process systems.

When coupled with an OnGuard controller, the combined system automatically responds to system upsets and makes chemical feed adjustments. This prevents scale from building up, reduces the need for production shutdowns and extends equipment life.

More Information

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