Mining & Mineral Processing

mining-tile-L.jpgSolenis is a premier supplier of specialty chemicals and support services to mining and mineral processing operations around the world. We have one of the largest and most comprehensive portfolios of process water treatment chemistries in the mining industry, supported by a dedicated team of applications engineers and research scientists. 

With our process chemistries and support capabilities, we can help you establish new productivity benchmarks for your operations, maintaining high safety standards and requiring no capital investments.

Our product portfolio covers virtually every application in mining and mineral processing. It includes a number of novel products for grinding, dust control, rheology modification and scale control.


Product Portfolio

  • Alumina processing aids
  • Coagulants/flocculants
  • Dust control products
  • Filtration aids
  • Grinding aids
  • Monitoring and control systems
  • Non-sulfide flotation reagents
  • Rheology modifiers
  • Scale inhibitors
  • Specialty dewatering aids
  • Viscosity modifiers