Antispumin™ Defoamers

Antispumin defoamers are a family of proprietary products that control foam and entrained air in municipal wastewater systems. Antispumin defoamers collapse and break down existing foam. Additionally, they remain on the water’s surface to prevent future foam formation.

Antispumin defoamers provide benefits including:

  • Effective, long-lasting foam suppression
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Reduced costs


The causes of foam in a wastewater treatment plant are varied. In secondary treatment systems, foam is typically caused by biological activity. It can also result from mechanical action, chemical contamination, surfactants in the influent or some polymer treatments. Regardless of the cause, foaming in secondary treatment and final effluent areas can lead to environmental, health and safety issues.

Antispumin defoamers act as antifoam agents to effectively control problematic foam. Common applications include:

  • Activated sludge process
  • Aerated lagoons
  • Plant outflows

More Information

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