Praestol™ and Zetag™ Flocculants

A growing population and a scarcity of water in some regions of the world have made it necessary for municipalities and industrial operations to look for more ways to economically produce quality drinking water, to provide adequate water quality for industrial processes and to ensure that wastewater does not harm the environment.

Praestol and Zetag flocculants are a clean solution for optimal liquid/solids separation in a variety of municipal and industrial processes. They can help municipalities and industrial markets produce quality drinking water and ensure that wastewater from industrial processes is environmentally safe.

Praestol and Zetag flocculants deliver a number of benefits when used to treat influent and effluent:


  • Enhanced clarification
  • Improved floc size and formation
  • Improved liquid/solid separation 
  • Reduced sludge volume


  • Improved water separation and drainage
  • Enhanced filtrate quality
  • Improved throughput
  • Reduced sludge formation and volume
  • Lower sludge disposal costs


Praestol and Zetag flocculants are synthesized from organic, macromolecular, water-soluble polyelectrolytes that are based on polyacrylamide. The flocculants are electrically charged to bond with solid particles in aqueous suspensions or slurries. The particles then coagulate to form macroflocs, which easily separate from the suspension.

Praestol and Zetag flocculants can be used wherever effective solid/liquid separation is desired to accelerate the sedimentation or flotation of suspended solid particles. They also improve the dewatering of thickened sludge during static or mechanical dewatering processes.

Praestol and Zetag flocculants can be used for a variety of applications such as:

  • Cleaning municipal and industrial wastewater
  • Treating process and circulation water
  • Clarifying raw or surface water to produce drinking or industrial water

More Information

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