Praestospeed™ Modular Dissolving System

The Praestospeed modular dissolving system is the newest generation of fully automated equipment for dissolving granular flocculants.

The advanced dissolving system is faster and more effective than conventional makedown equipment. Conventional equipment takes at least 60 minutes to create 1,000 liters of a 2-percent polymer solution. The Praestospeed system, on the other hand, needs just 10 minutes to produce a highly effective polymer solution that is ready for immediate dosing.

In addition to speed efficiencies, the Praestospeed modular dissolving system provides benefits including:

  • Reduced chemical usage
  • Reduced energy and water usage
  • Cost savings

How It Works

The Praestospeed system uses an automatic batch process. The heart of the system is its dispersion unit, which processes the polymer in two phases. Operating on the rotor-stator principle, the unit uses controlled, high-speed turbulence to produce a perfect solution. This method is far superior to the shearing effect produced by conventional systems. 

The Praestospeed system can produce a solution of any desired concentration between 1 and 2 percent, in increments of one tenth of a percent. And the on/off functions can be coupled with external level measurement.

More Information

To learn more about the Praestospeed modular dissolving system or for free technical advice on a specific makedown issue, ask a Solenis expert today.