Packaging Paper & Board


Sustainability drivers continue to place new demands on packaging paper and board producers. As a result, papermakers need to increase dry strength while boosting performance, improving efficiency and lowering costs. And, they must do it all while reducing freshwater consumption and wastewater output.

As the leading supplier of solutions to the global packaging market, we can help you improve your papermaking process. Our unique capabilities and experience in the market have enabled us to innovate quickly and to stay ahead of accelerating demands. Some of these innovations are standalone chemistries. Others are technology combinations, such as our new Fusion℠ strength and performance technology, which takes advantage of synergistic interactions between chemicals to deliver stronger and more versatile packaging and board that is easier to recycle. And, others employ chemical alternatives, such as our enzyme-based dry strength solution.

We also specialize in packaging machine conversions and start-ups. Because of our extensive experience and commitment to excellence, we have a proven track record helping mills accelerate their start-up curve with an advanced portfolio of products.  For an overview of our capabilities, read our brochure on packaging machine conversions and start-ups.

We offer a number of novel technologies that can help you meet your operational goals. Our Hercobond™ 6000 paper performance additives enable papermakers to significantly increase strength and machine speed while reducing or eliminating the use of certain wet end additives. Our Hercobond™ family is even more versatile with the recent addition of our Fusion℠ strength and performance technology, which brings together unique polymer combinations to improve dry strength and reduce operating costs. And, our Biobond program enables recycling mills to recover and reuse starch present in the recycled furnish, which significantly reduces costs and eliminates starch-related issues downstream.

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