Packaging Paper & Board


The global paper packaging industry has grown at more than three percent per year during the last decade, producing more than 300 million tons of packaging paper and board in 2019 alone. The unprecedented growth of e-commerce has been a major contributor to the growth of the paper and paperboard packaging industry. At the same time, rising consumer awareness about non-biodegradable materials and their impact on the environment is driving innovation in design and material selection of packaging solutions. This is particularly true in the food and beverage paper packaging market, where the search continues for more sustainable paper coating chemicals.

As the leading supplier of chemical and digital solutions for the global pulp and paper industry, Solenis is uniquely positioned to help paper and paperboard packaging producers maintain their competitive edge. For example, our Fusion℠ strength and performance technology enables our customers to produce stronger packaging paper and board that is easier to recycle. Our paper coating chemicals enable our customers to eliminate their use of polyethylene, fluoropolymers and wax so they can produce food and beverage paper packaging that is re-pulpable, recyclable and compostable. And, our OPTIX™ Applied Intelligence platform enables our customers to transform complex mill data into powerful insights they can use to optimize their operational efficiency. 

Leading paper and paperboard packaging producers are employing these solutions, and many others offered by Solenis, to improve their market position and to meet their sustainability goals.

Our comprehensive product portfolio includes a variety of chemical and equipment solutions designed to help paper and paperboard packaging producers improve operational efficiencies, enhance product quality, protect plant assets and minimize environmental impact.


Solenis is focused on helping to solve the toughest challenges facing the paper and paperboard packaging industry. From strength additives for the wet end of the paper machine to sustainable paper coating chemicals for food contact paper and board, we are the only specialty chemical supplier that can help papermakers innovate from start to finish. Learn about some of our more recent innovations below:


Solenis is committed to helping customers improve their profitability by maximizing production and optimizing operational efficiency. The following case histories highlight results achieved by Solenis customers:


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