Packaging Paper & Board

PackagingSustainability drivers continue to place new demands on packaging paper and board producers. Today, mills often need to boost performance, improve efficiency and lower costs.

As the leading supplier of solutions to the global packaging market, we can help you improve your paper manufacturing process. Our unique capabilities and experience in the market have enabled us to innovate quickly and stay ahead of accelerating demands. We have a proven problem-solving culture that combines deep market understanding and application expertise with the broadest portfolio of papermaking process, functional and water treatment chemistries in the industry. 

Our comprehensive portfolio of process and functional chemistries includes a number of novel technologies that can help packaging producers improve their operational efficiency and profitability.


Product Portfolio

Our innovations can help you meet your goals. Hercobond™ 6000 paper performance additives enable mills to significantly increase strength and machine speed as well as reduce or eliminate the use of certain wet end additives. And our Biobond program enables recycling mills to recover and reuse starch present in the recycled furnish, which significantly reduces costs and eliminates starch-related issues downstream.

Learn more about a few of our key offerings for the packaging paper and board industry: