Ecological Barrier Coatings Technology

Solenis' family of ecological barrier coatings enable brand owners to market and paper/paperboard manufacturers and converters to produce environmentally-friendly packaging. Our barrier coating solutions are water-based biopolymers and bio-waxes derived from renewable resources, which means they can be more sustainably produced. More importantly, paper and board coated with these technologies are re-pulpable, recyclable and compostable, allowing papermakers to satisfy consumer demand for environmentally-friendly cups and food packaging.

Solenis offers a range of barrier coating formulations that can be adapted to accommodate a number of additional requirements, including printability, flexibility/elasticity and glueability. They can be applied on the paper machine coaters, off-machine coaters, or during converting on wax applicators or corrugators. Our sales professionals and coating application experts can work with mill staff to determine specific operational requirements and then recommend a barrier coating solution that balances manufacturing concerns with end-user needs. Solenis can support customer trials in our Wommelgem, Belgium, technology center, where we screen and customize formulations on lab scale prior to further lab, pilot machine, or commercial trials.

Product Range

Solenis' portfolio of barrier coatings include a range of ecological finished barrier coating formulations to satisfy a variety of paper and packaging requirements. TopScreen™ bio-wax barrier coatings are derived from up to 100 percent sustainably produced vegetable oils and can replace mineral oil-based paraffin and polyethylene coatings typically used in candy twists, fast food wraps, bread bags, meat and cheese wraps, and corrugated board for fruit, vegetables and frozen fish. Paper and board treated with TopScreen™ bio-wax is food-contact-approved and is fully recyclable, and compostable (certified by Vinçotte for “OK Compost” and “OK Compost Home” according to the European norm EN 13432). TopScreen™ bio-wax can be applied on existing wax coaters at temperatures between 80°C and 160°C depending on the used grade.

TopScreen™ grease-proof barriers and TopScreen™ water barriers are suitable for packaging applications that require specific water/moisture barrier properties or grease resistance and can replace barriers composed of perfluorocarbon (PFC) formulations or polyethylene (PE). They are an ideal solution for mills seeking a more sustainable, cost-effective barrier option for PE-free cups, paper and linerboard used for fresh and refrigerated/frozen foods, animal feed, and greasy/oily foods. TopScreen™ grease-proof barriers and TopScreen™ water barriers are made with high bio-renewability content (up to 70 percent from renewable sources) and can be used to produce fully recyclable and repulpable paper and board.

TopBrane™ 551 MOSH-MOAH barrier coatings provide superior protection against migration of mineral oil saturated hydrocarbons and mineral oil aromatic hydrocarbons from packaging paper into foods, allowing papermakers to get ahead of pending regulation and satisfy increasing consumer demand for healthier food preparation and packaging. TopBrane™ coatings combine hyper-platy pigments and a proprietary binder with specific film-forming characteristics to create a highly structured barrier that reduces MOSH-MOAH migration by a factor of 20 to 50.

Recorded Results

A European papermaker spent two years developing and testing a recyclable, compostable food packaging product that is completely compostable. The revolutionary paper takes advantage of cornstarch glue, water-soluble ink, and a layer of TopScreen™ bio-wax barrier coating to produce packaging that earned PEFC and OK Home compost certification as a sustainably managed paper product. A range of formulations was developed for the production of various grades, including a grade suitable for high-temperature applications.

The papermaker enjoyed these benefits:

  • Rapid production ramp-up using existing equipment, including wax applicators
  • Increased market differentiation with the introduction of more sustainable packaging
  • Increased sales

More Information

For additional information about Solenis' family of ecological barrier coatings or if you need technical advice on a specific challenge, ask a Solenis expert today.