Hercobond™ 6000 Paper Performance Additives

Hercobond 6000 paper performance additives provide the perfect combination of strength, retention, drainage and charge control. This family of single-component products makes wet-end simplification a true reality. In fact, papermakers using Hercobond additives can often reduce or eliminate the use of wet-end additives including starch, dry strength, drainage and retention aids, and charge donors.

Customers using Hercobond 6000 paper performance additives realize a number of benefits:

• Improved fiber recovery
• Improved formation
• Better retention and drainage
• Improved paper strength
• Increased machine speed
• Increased recycle fiber utilization
• Lower basis weights
• Less energy consumption
• Reduced Kraft utilization
• Reduced system deposition

Hercobond paper performance additives are designed for use in packaging, graphic and specialty, and tissue and towel grades. They work over a broad pH range and are tolerant to sulfites, pH, alkalinity and conductivity swings. The technology is easy to use and compatible with most system additives.

How They Work

Hercobond additives are made from modified polyamines that form both hydrogen and ionic bonds with fibers and fines. This delivers excellent strength improvements. The products’ high charge density also increases ionic attraction and delivers dramatic step changes in retention, drainage and charge control.

More Information

Watch Jack Block, Solenis dry strength team lead, discuss the benefits of the Hercobond 6000 performance additives

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