Power Generation

powergeneration-tile-L.jpgPower producers face daunting challenges today, from droughts and water constraints to increasingly restrictive emissions standards.

As a trusted partner to natural gas, coal, nuclear and geothermal power plants, Solenis is uniquely qualified to help you overcome these challenges and more. In addition to a broad product portfolio of water treatment chemistries, we offer the latest innovations in cooling tower water treatments, dust control products and other chemistries optimized for power generation, as well as chemical feed and control equipment. And we combine our solutions with unmatched applications expertise to ensure your plant performs optimally.

Browse below for an overview of our offering for power producers or learn more about our solutions for geothermal power plants.

Maintaining the optimal performance of cooling and boiler water systems is essential to the energy generation process. And we offer the largest selection of water treatment chemistries for power generation. Our chemistries deliver superior results to power producers around the globe, enabling them to improve uptime, reduce water usage and extend equipment life.


Product Portfolio

  • Membrane treatment
  • Monitoring and control systems
  • Molluscicides
  • Oxygen scavengers
  • Scale inhibitors

Improve your plant processes with our cooling water treatments and control systems. Key innovations for power producers include: