Infinity™ Pitch and Stickies Control Agents

There are many common chemical methods to control pitch and stickies deposition. But until now, none could simultaneously address two or more causes of deposition. This has changed with the introduction of our Infinity pitch and stickies control agents.

Infinity pitch and stickies control agents are patented, organic contaminant-control products for stock treatment. They combine the benefits of a detackifier and a fixative to simultaneously address multiple deposition parameters. This greatly reduces or eliminates deposition potential.

Practical applications of the technology confirm that it controls pitch and stickies deposition more effectively than any other commercially available technology. Other benefits include:

  • Improved pulp quality
  • Decreased downtime
  • Decreased usage of cleaning chemicals

Infinity control agents are designed for use in pulp mills, bleach plants and recycled fiber operations.

How They Work

These control agents are formulated from polymer and protein chemistries. These chemistries rely on a unique hydrophobic and hydrophilic design to detackify colloidal material. They adsorb onto the colloidal material, enhance stability and modify the contaminant surface. The fixative effect retains the contaminants in the fiber matrix, reducing deposition and providing contaminant control.

More Information

To learn more about Infinity pitch and stickies control agents, or if you would like free technical advice on your specific deposit control challenge, ask a Solenis expert today.