Soyad™ Co-adhesive Technology

Soyad co-adhesive technology is a proprietary adhesive system used to produce composite panels. It’s typically used in combination with isocyanate-based resins to make particleboard, medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and oriented strand board (OSB). Soyad co-adhesives can greatly reduce adhesive costs, making them a prime choice for composite panel manufacturers.

The co-adhesives are water-based dispersions formulated with natural soy flour and proprietary ingredients. When a Soyad co-adhesive and an isocyanate-based resin combine, they form multiple adhesion sites on the wood. The resulting two-component adhesive is the same strength as an isocyanate-based adhesive and is less brittle when cured. This improves machinability of the finished panels.

Soyad co-adhesives are proven to deliver many performance benefits:

  • Reduce costs by reducing the use of isocyanate resin
  • Mitigate the impact of a limited isocyanate supply
  • Minimize chip-outs and other defects, improving the quality of finished panels
  • Do not impact the physical properties of finished panels

Mode of Action

When combined with an isocyanate resin, the Soyad co-adhesive reacts to form an adhesive matrix that performs better than the resin alone. The water in the co-adhesive acts as a diluent, which increases the adhesive’s total volume. This improves its distribution throughout the wood, resulting in more consistent bonding and better machinability of the panels. 

More Information

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