Scale Inhibitors

evaporator-scale.jpgMineral scale and inorganic hard scales can lead to any number of problems, including lost production, increased maintenance and utility costs, poor product quality and unscheduled downtime. Solenis offers a complete portfolio of scale inhibitors and antiscalants for controlling the formation of virtually any type of scale, including common calcium scales and less common barium, magnesium, manganese, silicate and sulfate scales. We also offer a variety of cleaning products for removing existing scale deposits.

  • Antiscalants
    • Phosphate-free formulations
  • Cleaning products
  • Scale inhibitors
    • Chelating agents
    • Phosphate-free formulations
  • Automated chemical feed and control systems
  • Data management service
  • Inventory monitoring service
  • Scale monitoring systems
    • Patented ultrasonic technology
  • Antiscalant and scale inhibitor application expertise
  • Diagnostic expertise
  • Laboratory analysis
    • Deposit
    • Process fluid
    • Water

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