Paper Colorants

paper-colorants.jpgAs consumer good companies clamor for lighter, stronger and more noticeable products, paper and paperboard manufacturers must expand and diversify their use of coatings and wet-end chemistries to satisfy demand. Solenis offers an extensive portfolio of high-quality paper colorants, including basic dyes, direct dyes and pigments, to help papermakers produce a wide spectrum of colors for a variety of paper, tissue and board grades.

Whatever the medium, Solenis understands the underlying technology and manufacturing requirements, so we can work closely with mills to cost-effectively achieve precise shade and quality targets without sacrificing required performance characteristics. Our paper colorants portfolio gives papermakers great flexibility to accommodate a variety of applications, and our technical team can provide training on the use of our paper colorant dyes and pigments.

Our portfolio of paper colorants includes a variety of solutions to help you meet your paper coloration and paper tinting needs. Our paper colorant solutions include:




  • Organic pigment dispersions
  • Inorganic pigment dispersions

In addition to a comprehensive portfolio of paper colorants, we also offer a number of monitoring and control solutions, including:


Complementing our portfolio of paper colorant solutions are a variety of field and laboratory service offerings, including:


  • Application expertise
  • Color matching services
  • Custom color training
  • Diagnostic expertise
  • Laboratory analysis

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