Retention & Drainage Aids

forming-section.jpgTo efficiently produce a quality sheet of paper, a papermaker must precisely balance retention, drainage and formation. To help papermakers achieve and maintain this critical balance, Solenis provides one of the broadest offerings of retention aids and drainage aids in the industry, including proprietary microparticles, uniquely formulated polymers and advanced charge control agents. These novel retention and drainage technologies, together with unparalleled applications expertise, enable Solenis to provide a total system approach tailored to each customer’s specific needs.

  • Anionic and cationic polyacrylamides
  • Aqueous dispersed polymers
    • VOC-free formulations
  • Liquid coagulants
  • Organic microparticles
  • Structured and colloidal silicas
  • Application expertise
  • Diagnostic expertise
  • Laboratory analysis
    • Deposit
    • Fabric
    • Paper and board
    • Process fluid
    • Water
  • Product screening expertise
    • Dynamic drainage analyzer


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