Creping Adhesives

creping-blade.jpgCreping adhesives are one of several technologies that tissue producers can use to optimize their creping process. In the case of creping adhesives, these chemistries enable tissue producers to control the adhesion between the tissue sheet and the Yankee cylinder. As a result, tissue properties are more easily controlled and the Yankee cylinder is better protected, which helps to extend the operational life of the cylinder and the creping blade.

Solenis offers a wide range of creping adhesives to address the unique needs of structured sheet assets, light dry crepe assets and wet crepe assets. In addition to providing superior adhesion for Yankee coatings and controlling both contact adhesion and peel adhesion, these products provide improved bulk control, sheet softness and Yankee protection.

  • Thermosetting polymers
    • PAE-based formulations
    • Non PAE-based formulations
  • Non-thermosetting polymers
    • PAE-based formulations
    • Non PAE-based formulations
  • Non-ionic film formers
  • Automated chemical feed and control systems
  • Data management service
  • Vibration monitoring system
  • Application expertise
  • Diagnostic expertise
  • Laboratory analysis
    • Sheet properties
    • Water
  • Laboratory testing/simulation
  • Machine start-up assistance
  • Operator training

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