Boiler Water Treatments

power-boiler.jpgTo ensure the optimum performance and safety of boiler and steam generating systems, it is imperative that corrosion and deposition be addressed proactively. Solenis’ boiler water treatment programs combine application expertise with state-of-the-art chemistries and monitoring and control systems to manage these issues and the multitude of problems they can cause. Whether your objective is to improve production, extend equipment life or protect plant assets, you can count on Solenis to provide a cost-effective solution that addresses your boiler water treatment needs.

For high-pressure boiler systems we offer our OnGuard™ suite of performance-based monitoring and control systems. These systems utilize proprietary algorithms to deliver unparalleled protection from corrosion and deposition. And, when integrated with our secure cloud-based service — OnGuard™ OnLine — you can use these systems to remotely monitor and control your boiler water treatment program 24/7. 

All of our boiler water treatment programs are supported by a team of experienced applications experts who support our field representatives with onsite and remote technical support, providing the industry’s best expertise in establishing, maintaining and troubleshooting your boiler and steam systems.

Our portfolio of boiler water treatment chemicals includes a variety of solutions to help you optimize the performance and safety of your boiler and steam generating systems. Our boiler water treatments include:

  • Fuel oil additives
  • Membrane treatments
  • Metal passivators
  • Oxygen scavengers

In addition to our portfolio of boiler water treatment chemicals, we also offer a variety of monitoring and control solutions, including:


  • Automated chemical feed and control systems
  • Coordinated phosphate-pH control system
  • Data management service
  • Inventory monitoring service
  • Power boiler leak indication system

Notably, Solenis is the industry leader in performance-based monitoring and control systems for boiler water treatment programs. This means our chemical programs are controlled based on the level of protection you need and not on the amount of chemistry we think will do the job.


Complementing our portfolio of boiler water treatments are a variety of field and laboratory service offerings, including:


  • Application expertise
  • Best Practice audits
  • Borescope inspections
  • Diagnostic expertise
  • Laboratory analysis
    • Deposit
    • Metallurgical
    • Water
  • Operator safety training
  • Vital Few audits

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