Barrier Coatings

barrier-coatings.jpgConsumer demand for environmentally-friendly cups and food packaging has increased dramatically in recent years, putting pressure on papermakers to expand their offerings. Solenis barrier coatings are water-based polymers and solid biowaxes derived from renewable resources. Paper and board coated with these technologies are re-pulpable, recyclable and compostable.

Solenis offers a range of barrier coating formulations that can be adapted to accommodate a number of requirements, including printability, flexibility/elasticity and glueability. They can be applied on the paper machine coaters, off-machine coaters, or during converting on wax applicators or corrugators.

  • Biowax barrier coatings
  • Grease-proof barrier coatings
  • MOSH-MOAH barrier coatings
  • Water-proof barrier coatings
  • Application expertise
  • Diagnostic expertise
  • Laboratory analysis
    • Barrier performance
    • Deposit
    • Paper and board
  • Laboratory testing
    • COF (coefficient of friction)
    • Contact angle
    • Grease resistance (kit test)
    • Moisture vapor transmission
    • MOSH and MOAH transmission
    • Printability
    • Sealability
    • Water penetration (Cobb)
  • Papermaking studies
    • Lab paper sheet coater
    • Pilot paper coater
    • Pilot size press

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