Increased Productivity

IncreasedProductivity-5-L.jpgBeing productive is all about bringing products to market more quickly. Sometimes this requires investing in new equipment. The ultimate goal, however, is to produce more in less time without making a capital investment. This involves collecting and analyzing data, making effective decisions and streamlining processes. Learn how Solenis helped a tissue manufacturer boost its productivity and improve the quality of its finished product with innovative chemistry.

Case History

A North American tissue mill wanted to increase the speed of its light dry crepe (LDC) Yankee machine by increasing steam pressure and temperature. Unfortunately, the mill’s existing creping program became too hard and too adhesive at high temperature and low creping moisture. After contacting Solenis for help, the mill agreed to trial Crepetrol™ 9200 creping adhesive. Designed specifically for LDC machines making bath or facial tissue, Crepetrol 9200 creping adhesive provides a soft, controlled adhesion Yankee coating at high temperature with good moisture control. Taking advantage of these characteristics, the mill was able to increase the speed of its machine by 7 percent and improve the hand-feel properties of its tissue. Ultimately, the mill increased its productivity and enjoys the potential to increase its annual revenue by more than $2 million.


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