Performax Millennium™ Advanced Cooling Water Treatments

Industrial facilities are big consumers of water. And in many plants, the largest single wastewater stream is treated cooling water blowdown. It’s important to select the best cooling water treatment program, which depends on environmental factors as much as performance needs.

Performax Millennium advanced cooling water treatments reduce corrosion and scaling in industrial alkaline cooling water systems, even in severely stressed systems with minimal impact to the environment.

Customers who use Performax Millennium treatments realize benefits including:

  • Better corrosion and scaling control
  • Reduced fouling
  • Longer equipment life
  • Greater operational efficiency

Performax Millennium advanced cooling water treatments have applications in a variety of industries, including industrial water treatment, chemical processing and power generation.

How They Work

These treatments use a patented combination of anodic and cathodic corrosion inhibitors. They form a robust film on metal surfaces to provide excellent corrosion protection. The synergistic combination of polymeric dispersants and oxidant-resistant organic phosphonates also provides excellent control of calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate and calcium phosphate scales.

All Performax Millennium products are calcium-tolerant and won’t precipitate at high calcium levels. They have minimal environmental impact due to their toxicity profiles and inherent biodegradability, and are viable alternatives to conventional cooling water treatments.

Recorded Results

Customers who use Performax Millennium products report many improvements. Commercial applications confirm this and typically result in a number of value-added benefits:

  • Improved corrosion and scaling control
  • Reduced fouling
  • Extended equipment life
  • Improved operational efficiency

Read the full case history here. (PDF 29 KB)

More Information

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