Is Biofilm Impacting Your Cooling System?

Industrial cooling systems are prone to microbiological contamination because as open water systems they provide the perfect habitat for bacteria, protozoa and algae. Problems with heat-insulating slime layers worsen in warmer weather, resulting in plugged heat exchangers, fouling cooling tower fill, and more persistent issues like increased under deposit corrosion risks and health risks from species like sulfate-reducing bacteria and Legionella.

The article to the right, which is titled The Impact of Biofilm on Industrial Cooling Systems, provides insights into the impact of biofilm on industrial utilities as well as Solenis' best practices to overcome these challenges.  Solenis provides state-of-the-art chemistry and monitoring and control solutions that minimize costs and risks associated with biofilm.  Download the article now to learn how Solenis can help you overcome your biofilm challenges.

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